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  • Location

    TPG Chicago Dry Dock is strategically and uniquely located to serve maritime customers on the Great Lakes and the Inland River System. Less than 3 miles from Lake Michigan on the Calumet River, it also connects to the US Inland Waterways via the Calumet/Des Plaines/Illinois Rivers.

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  • Facility

    Our facility lies on approximately seven acres of secured land with 1200 feet of sheeted wall on the Calumet River. We operate two full-size dry docks that can accommodate underwater repairs to vessels up to 262 feet long and 54 feet wide and up to 1500 tons. Our cranes and other attending vehicles are well maintained and we operate a full machine shop with our full time crew of ABS certified welders and technicians.

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  • History

    The history of Chicago Dry Dock dates back to 1979, a pickup truck and a shovel.  Haven Kern founded Kern Barge Cleaning and Repair to serve maritime customers in the Chicago area. The business has continued to grown and thrive throughout the years, and is proud today to be a part of the TPG family as TPG Chicago Dry Dock.

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